Liizen releases a relatable track entitled ‘Love Me’ – Reignland

‘Liizen (Lee-ZEN) releases a close to his heart record ‘Love Me’. The spoken word type record boast relatable lyrics and banging hip hop beat. “I hit a wall in a relationship I thought far too highly of. Lies, betrayal became the foundation, sooner or later when push came to shove, they say “everything done in the dark always come to light” I never believed it until the person I cared for more than myself betrayed me. Their words sinking into my veins like venom.” he says about the track.

I sat down, wondering what I did wrong, blaming myself for their mistakes. I stand here to tell you that what others do, DOES NOT define you. It’s their demons you just wrapped into. Learn from your mistakes, heal and move on. The other side becomes so much happier when negative, hurtful people are exposed for you to get away from. Out of those ashes, this song was born overnight.

‘Liizen (Lee-ZEN), is a conscious Hip hop cloud artist, producer, lyricist and director. His words are meant as a reminder to himself, learning of his ability to uplift others, it has become his main goal to continue producing songs about his personal life in order to reach and uplift others in the same predicament as himself. Positivity goes a long way.