LEFT SIDE FILTER has released a hot new track called “Hey Mister” – Reignland

Left Side Filter has released a brand new hot track called “Hey Mister” ‘Hey Mister’ is Wollongong band LSF’s first single of 2020, an alternate rock song, which entails the story of lead singer Blake trying to connect to the life of his 94 year old grandfather. A throwback to the 90’s rock era, the whole song came out of jamming the intro riff, distorted guitars and a big sing along chorus that is uplifting whilst melancholic in nature. I wanted a chorus that was big, melancholic and a bit existential. Something that a crowd could sing no matter their age or place within the world, and still be able to connect to it on a personal level. I found this song to be a sweet gesture where this artist really cared about his grandfather a great deal. The lyrics were very touching, filled with real emotion. The guitar strokes throughout the song were magical. The vocals really touched me. Great work! Be sure to listen for yourself to the track above and leave your feedback below. Add this wonderful track to your playlist.