Last Youth explore relationship pessimism and girls i, ‘Too Soon’ – Reignland

Last Youth return once again with a brand new sound, titled, ‘Too Soon’. They effortlessly reworked the classic ‘Everyday’ tune from Buddy Holly into a new, modern-day pop classic. The track has a light beach boy-esque melody at the beginning that goes into a classic pop tune. The upbeat track features electrifying guitar licks and addictive vocals. His style is so dope and it just fits so perfectly on any playlist.

“The song is about meeting a beautiful girl, as you’ve never seen before and wondered if you will ever be able to hold on to her long enough.”, he explains.

The project is led by singer-songwriter Josiah Myers and is often accompanied in live show performances and media by percussionist Cody Carrel. I am addicted to this sound and can’t wait to hear more.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7A8id9cqUSbYSyB1RjBK55