Lara Snow has released a wonderful new track & visual called “Wild Sea” – Reignland

Lara Snow has released a beautiful new track called “Wild Sea” I like the beat to this new track, The keyboard has incredible sounds coming from it that really add to the vocals of this song.

“All my songs are very personal, but with ‘Wild Sea’ I feel like my heart is out there for everyone to hold, Snow says, “It is the story of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak.”

The lyrics are nice to sing along to. and I really enjoyed the music video for this track, the ocean scenes with the boyfriend were breathtaking! In June last year, Lara Snow released her debut single ‘Swim Far’ followed by ‘Butter Knife’. Both were supported by local radios and various blogs and magazines around the globe including the tastemaker – KALTBLUT Magazine. In less than six months and with only 2 singles released, Snow raked over 130K streams on Spotify and over 150K plays on YouTube. “Wild Sea was the first song I wrote for this EP and it kinda set the tone for what this EP was going to be. I remember when I finished writing it, that was the first time I knew what I wanted my music to be like.” Snow says

According to her press release, It was a new era for her, the first time she lived overseas – and while Berlin was overflowing with new arts, cultures, and opportunities, Snow felt lonesome and found herself in search of a home. Eventually, she found that home in her writing.

“My heart was broken for a very long time,” Snow says. “At a young age I got into a toxic relationship and it changed who I was in away. I became a sad girl and I was trying to float in a world that was dark. I carry these feelings with me ‘to this day. I think this is also the reason why water metaphors come often in my songs, for a long time I was trying to reach out for air and felt like I was choking, fighting to keep my head above the water. But at one point, I decided that I’m only going to keep in my life people who make me a better person”. She adds Be sure to listen to this great song above and leave feedback below. Add this to your playlist today.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, geo.music.apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com, soundcloud.com