Laney Lynx wants to be where you are in new single ,’New Memories’ – Reignland

Brooklyn based artist, Laney Lynx is back with an indie-pop favorite titled, ‘New Memories’. This indie-pop smash features lyrics that talk about being physically near someone you can’t be because of things like the pandemic so you settle for face time. I love her take on this issue especially because so many people face it. His vocal delivery is superb and really has this light bedroom pop sound to it. The production is everything and really gives me that Katy Perry kind of vibe with it’s upbeat happiness.

“New Memories” longs to make a new-kind-of memory via video chat while eagerly awaiting to see friends in real life again. In a short span of time, Laney Lynx performed at the wedding of Serena Williams and was featured on the television show The Freshmen on MTV. Her most recent single, ‘Bad Attitudes’ represents Laney in a nutshell; vulnerability alongside boldness and optimism.

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