LA Trio, WILD shares new single ,’Goin’ Back’ with American Authors frontman, Zac Barnett – Reignland

LA trio, WILD is back with American Authors frontman,Zac Bearnett with new single,’ Goin Back’. The band presents a beautiful melody with glowing vocals that feel like a cool breeze on a summer day. This track takes you on a personal journey that many of us have been on, feeling disconnected and needing to reconnect. Zac’s vocals fit this song perfectly and bring some real power to the verse.

“It’s about feeling disconnected from where you come from,” states Lauren. “Even when you go back, you’re out of place. It’s about the journey you’re taking to feel present and be at home wherever you are. In some ways, it encapsulates an overarching theme for us. We’re talking about friendships, where we live, who our family is, what we’ve been through, and the things that have gotten us to where we are now. We’re showing appreciation and trying to grow.”

The group made waves with their independent debut single “Vagabond” as they unveiled a steady succession of singles, leading up to the 2018 Lace & Layers EP. Averaging 400,000-plus monthly listeners on Spotify, the band tallied 50 million cumulative streams by 2020. Be sure to add your feedback below and let the band know-how you feel.

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