LA Duo, Jack Rabbit carries out dreamy harmony in new single ‘December’ + visual – Reignland

Seamless Harmony. That’s it. That’s the whole post summarized in two words. The LA-based duo keeps the listener at attention with their lush vocals and seamless two-part harmonies. ‘December’ is their newest work of art. The intimate setting created by guitar picks and dreamy vocals puts the listener onto a journey of vulnerability and openness.

The music video is no different. It is simple, beautiful, cinematic, and creative to a point that you have to watch it again and again. Jace Chadwick is center stage and brings the emotion in his unique dance. This may be the introduction to this band’s musical journey but I wouldn’t consider them, new artists. Their writing, vocals and visual creativity seem beyond the years of a new artist. According to their press release more music will be appearing next year so brace yourselves.

Camera Work: Patrick Naughter

Notable Mentions: https://www.instagram.com/em.editor/ x Rachel Fowler Mendez

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/jackrabbitunes/