Kyan Palmer team up with nicopop. to release ‘Usually I’m Not Like This’ – Reignland

Pop powerhouses Kyan Palmer & nicopop. are releasing their collaborative album, It’s Called Branding, Sweetie on December 12th. The past year has seen the producing-songwriting duo release an array of colorful pop singles, most notably their two streaming hits “Antisocial Socialites” (3M+ streams) and “Ms. Last Night” (1M+ streams). The new album features a number of their previously released singles, as well as three brand new tracks: “Usually I’m Not Like This,” “Intentions,” and “Come4U.” 

It’s Called Branding, Sweetie demonstrates the dynamic, encompassing range of pop music today. Palmer & nicopop. push the boundaries of the pop genre, moving from groove-filled party anthems (“Ms. Last Night”), to pop ballads (“Come4U”), all the way through to fun-loving electro-pop tracks (“Antisocial Socialites”). It’s a pop aficionado’s dream album.

nicopop.’s future-thinking production and Palmer’s slick pop melodies and R&B vocal stylings have made the duo a popular songwriting team outside of their own project(s). This year alone they’ve written with the likes of Monsta X, Chain Gang of 1984, The Ready Set, Wingtip, and Win & Woo, just to name a few. With more exciting announcements, songwriting cuts, and new records slated for 2020, it’s clear that nicopop. and Kyan Palmer are two young artists ready to define the future of pop sounds.