Kristopher James gets soulful on new single, ‘Didn’t Mean To Fall in Love’ – Reignland

Kristopher James has released a soulful masterpiece titled, ‘Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love’. The R&B track showcases James’ undeniable vocal rage that is just downright outstanding and sends chills down your arms. Where have I been? This artist’s vocals are so powerful and as the song progresses, he showcases why he is one of the best singers out there. All that soul in one artist is just unbelievable. i love everything about this track from the smooth production to the undeniable vocals that are so rich and addictive.

It wasn’t until he sat behind a drum set, fueled by teenage angst, that Kristopher began his musician’s journey. From there, he taught himself guitar, piano, and bravely – how to sing.

Shortly after becoming a father, Kristopher wrestled with the dualities of parenthood, and under the catharsis of writing, he penned) his first song —a 3 verse, 2 choruses, 1 bridge tune, that would breakdown the floodgates of his pent-up musical creativity. “My Heart Wasn’t Ready”, which became a breakout song, was the first of four to be written, recorded, and produced in the following weeks — his first EP “Movement,” which also features the highly-praised “Runaways”. It was at this support from the Florida musical community that pushed Kristopher to dive back into the studio for his second EP “Find Me”—featuring the titular track, as well as songs like the moody “Fire & the Fuse,” the anguished “Heart-Shaped Grave,” and the critically praised “Humming Hallelujah.”

Though he’s lived in the Sunshine State, for most of his life, Kristopher’s talent for melody and song (now) extends far past the state’s line. Kristopher felt it was time to capture his songs, in their fully-imagined sound, with his first full-length release, “Kindness Never Quits”. With “Kindness Never Quits,”

Add some soul to your playlist right now.

Connect: https://kristopherjamesmusic.com/