KLEOPATRA releases new single, ‘Ukiyo’ – Reignland

KLEOPATRA comes back with another smoking hot hit, ‘Ukiyo’. The track has such amazing combinations of different genres, you can’t just pick one. The song is so amazing from the lyrics to the powerful production. Her vocals kind of reminds me of the Canadian artist, Lights, very soft but very powerful. This has a dark feel to it but also a light feels to it, can’t really describe it.

She says this about the track, “Ukiyo is a song about the ‘floating, fleeting, or transient’ world, a Japanese concept which refers to urban life in Japan in the Edo-Period – 1600 to 1867 – which was a beauty, leisure and pleasure activity-centric. The song alludes to this period and takes its inspiration from the word’s meaning but also takes inspiration from beauty standards in modern society. ” She continues, ‘The song’s artwork is a comment on how these standards, ideals and therefore products are projected onto us as a society. Ukiyo is an interesting concept as the word itself is a homophone with an alternative and ironic meaning – a ‘sorrowful world’. This refers to the mundane human life which is restricted by death and rebirth from which Buddhists seek relief and say cannot be obtained by worldly pleasures. The song also takes inspiration from the opposing concept. “

With two singles (Cameo & Wasted on Youth) that have amassed over 40,000 streams on Spotify since mid-2018 and a Resonate Live & Tenement Trail gig already completed in the first two months since her return to the music industry, this year and next are set to be very exciting in the world surrounding KLEOPATRA.

Get this track now and experience a breathtaking experience.