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E: What made you become a music artist? KM: ?Music is a big part of my family and my relationship with my parents. I knew I wanted to be a musician at an early age and started songwriting when I was seven. I grew up going to my dad?s rock cover band?s shows. We have a punk rock household. My car rides to school were to a soundtrack of Green Day and The Clash. As I got older, I developed my own voice, perspective, and love for storytelling. So I went from storytelling from using words to using words and music. “

E: How did the name change come about? KM: ?I used to go by CAT, my family nickname, but I have created such a character for my music and myself that I wanted to have an artist name to separate the two. It is also extremely hard to find my music with the same name as the adorable animal. Kit is the nickname my sister gave to me, and we came up with the name Kit Major after two mixed drinks at a pop show. It felt very me. Like if Debbie Harry was a Bratz Rock Angel.?

E: Your latest single ?Lost In My Head?has such an early 2000s pop sound to it like early Brittney Spears. How did this new single come together? KM: ?Lost in My Head is the product of listening to the Britney Spears self-titled album on repeat and watching tons of James Bond movies. I wrote the song as a voice memo and sent it to my producer Alex Flagstad. It was a bit of a risk, I mean, would this random voice memo recorded in my closet of a half-made song make sense to someone, not in my brain? But when we got together in his at home studio, we created a nostalgia bop about crying in public. I work very visually. At the beginning stages of songs, I like to picture the music video or the aesthetics that come to mind. Lost in My Head was originally in my mind as a bright yellow song featuring / or set in a vampire castle with boyband style dancing, but as the song developed, the more it became this spy mission to save pop. ?

E: What was it like on the set of the video? KM: ?It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was a set filled with love, family, and friends! My best friends Emma Lev (makeup), Tori Catapusan (wardrobe), and Noel Dombroski (directing) all had a part of it. It was a busy two days, but I had so much fun with my dancers Irvin Herendez, Brandon Michael Kosh, Alandy Duverge, and Pierre Glory. It was a lot of dancing, acting as spies, and eating Happy Slice Pizza on set. ?

E: Any advice for those fans who are maybe going through the situation in your song? KM: ?It?s okay to love yourself and be there for yourself, but it?s so important to be able to laugh at yourself too. When I was crying at Target, I spent the first moments worried about if people saw, then beating myself up for it, and then coming to a conclusion (What are you referring to? When you were in Target shopping?) that no one?s opinion of you should matter. It?s important to be kind to yourself just as much as you should be kind to others. It?s not going to happen overnight, but the moment you talk nicer to yourself, things will be looking up. It?s easy to get ~lost~!?

E: Your style has such an old school aesthetic to it. It?s awesome. What made you fall in love with this style? Thank you! I think it started from getting into old tv shows and movies when I started high school and discovered my love for Saved by The Bell, Heathers, and Breakfast at Tiffany?s. That led to more movie watching and clothes scouting from the characters I was inspired by. I admire all the eras and their fashions. It?s important to play dress up. My favorite era of fashion is the 80?s! I loveee my blazers, glitter, big hair, and shoulder pads. I think I definitely explored all the clubs in the ?80s in a past life, which is why I?m over them now.

E: What?s your favorite place to shop? I love love love Forever21, Zara, Buffalo Exchange, and thrift stores! My recent quest has been finding matching top and bottom sets and suits. 10. What?s the best advice for someone wanting to join the music industry right now? Believing in yourself is the first step. If you aren?t your number one fan, who will be? You?ll be surprised how much farther you will go with that mentality alone.

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