Kirsten Bornkessel has a ‘Heavy’ heart on new single. – Reignland

Singer-songwriter Kirsten Bornkessel is back with a new single, ‘Heavy’. The track is about the concept of overwhelming love- the feeling of a heavy weight on your shoulders when you can’t give the same amount of love back to the other person according to her press release. The emotional single is beautiful from start to finish. The lyrics are relatable and her vocals bring them to life like no other. The guitar melody in the verses add a small rock vibe to the song that sends the verse into a powerful chorus that’s unforgettable.

When speaking on her songwriting, she says, “Makes me feel as though I can express myself much more than just having a conversation with somebody. Whenever my emotions are heightened, I’ll sit down at a piano and come up with a simple chord progression. I write lyrics while playing the chords, so essentially whatever I’m thinking spills out into a melody.” I loved this track and can’t wait to hear more. Be sure to add this to your playlist right away.

Get the track: spotify.com

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/kirstenbornkesselmusic/