KingB has released a sexy new track called “Alone” – Reignland

KingB has released a new track called “Alone” The keyboard pulled up some beautiful tones for this track and the vocals are great! We know the lyrics are sexy and make you think…this is a song worth putting on repeat.

He spoke on the track, “I spend the past 2 years creating this project, which was a moment of self-reflection, growth, trial, and error, and lots of creativity. I and my producer I created every song from scratch together and arranged and wrote the project. I am finally ready to show the world what I have been working on and release my new music which I like to describe as a “gumbo” of all the things I love and that have inspired me throughout my life. A mix of 90’s R&B coupled with the sultry sounds of chopped/screwed sounds from I vastly remembers from my childhood, coupled with tons of other musical influences from all over.” 

Be sure to listen and enjoy then share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: https://open.spotify.com/album/3bhmWoo3Gc0NEQCpBJqeYj?si=tnGL337XQWuX8U-vcDMskw