KG Lillian releases new single from EP, “TMYLM” – Reignland

KG Lillian has released a fantastic new track called “TMYLM” This will be featured on her upcoming EP. In the track, she talks of the amazing feeling of falling for someone, something everyone can relate too. This is her first track with producer e. philly. This has an amazing melody that softly blends with her captivating vocals. The lyrics are very beautiful and romantic. It reaches for your heart strings.

According to her bio, KG helped establish the indie pop band January May that won Artist Signal in 2013 and landed Lillian in Austin, TX. From there, January May won Belk’s Southern Musician Showcase and took the band across the United States, including modeling in New York City and performing at Belk Fest in Florida. The band performed as official artists in Austin’s SXSW before dividing and going separate ways. Now a solo pop artist, KG Lillian fuses her gritty influences with sweet, ambient vocals. Be sure to listen and enjoy then leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/kglillian/