Kentucky Street Pioneers shares new classic track, ‘Six Feet Sideways’ – Reignland

Kentucky Street Pioneers take off the gloves and deliver Six Feet Sideways, a nonstop country gathering in a song that gets you up off your feet. This track speaks on awareness of the world around us but in a light-hearted way that makes you forget reality for a while. The mixture of pop and country are placed together well on this.


Singer and songwriter Antony Benedetti is joined on vocals by Heather Hatch for this duet-style Indie Rock jammer that wedges six feet between Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Of Monsters and Men. KSP sounds the alarm with tight, well-crafted lyrics and an entourage of explosive sound. Powered by the horns of Jared Spires, Ian Benedetti’s haunting guitar, and the undeniable foot-stomping grooves of Yenni’s bass and Muchow’s skins, KSP cuts through the noise. We need more awareness songs that sound like this because it defiently got my attention.

According to their bio, the band has an interesting story of how it was created. Antony Benedetti (vocals, acoustic guitar, and songwriter) met Jared Spires (harmony vocals, brass, acoustic guitar, and harmonica) at an open mic. The two (eventually) became friends, and musical compatriots. When Antony suggested putting a band together, Nick Muchow (drums), yet another open mic regular, was the first round percussion draft pick. For electric guitar, the call went to Ian Benedetti: in addition to being a phenomenal guitarist and another staple of the open-mic-musician-hang-out-crew, he was also Antony’s younger brother. The bass chair was filled by Matt Yenni who brought decades of punk-band bass slinging energy to the table. Be sure to pick a reaction below or leave feedback.