Keefe x JA’aR release heavy duty rap track called “Benjamin’s” – Reignland

Keefe & JA aR have teamed up to release this hard core track called “Benjamin’s” Michigan native Keith”Keefe” Rodgers creates a old school 90’s vibe but with a modern delivery. The heavy bass is really good. The lyrics are definitely fresh. The tone of this track is hard core from beginning to end!

Keene spoke on the creation of the track, “The name of the album is FEAR and the ideal behind the project is to overcome the FEAR of being different. And this song exemplifies that to the T. Benjamin’s style of flow is organic and the delivery is unexpected. We literally recorded this song at midnight on Christmas and it took us 4 hours to complete it. Because we kept going back in forward about lyrics content and delivery. I mean I had to hear “nah that’s to weak” like 80 times that night. But the finish product is in a lane of its own. It’s a powerful song in many aspects.

Take a listen and please leave your feedback below.

Get the track: soundcloud.commusic.apple.comdeezer.com