Kayla Starr speaks addiction to trauma in new single, ‘Cruel’ – Reignland

Kayla Starr has released a new single that speaks on how hurt people hurt people titled, ‘Cruel’ The track is an excellent representation of this very true statement. It is about being addicted to trauma and blaming others but you realize it’s you. Cruel could be about another person and yourself at the same time. More people should talk about this subject in all honesty. This track misses R&B and some pop elements to create an almost haunting but addictive listening experience that you need to hear. Her vocals are amazing and light enough to make you feel comfortable but also emotional enough to bring the lyrics to life and make you get where she is coming from.

Her evolution has led her to perform with Macy Gray, Kanye West, Marina, Iggy Azalea and more as a background vocalist. She has also appeared on Late Night with Colbert and Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Countdown. As a solo artist, she came out with her first EP “Salutation” featured in Afropunk. I really love what she did with this project and hope she continues to make more. You rocking with Kayla? Let her know below in the comments.

Get the track: apple.com, spotify.com, deezer.com