Kate Vogel finds ‘Reasons to Stay’ alive in new empowering single after tragic 9 year hiatus – Reignland

Singer, Kate Vogel has released an empowering debut single entitled ‘Reasons To Live’. The single is about her musical journey when she moved to Nashville 10 years ago. The move that caused her to experience some horrible things within the industry. She stopped singing for 9 years and was left with PTSD and depression, which resulted in her rethink her will to live. Years later, Vogel found her voice again and decided to make the record she never got to release when she was a teenager. The light piano instrumental paired with the power in her vocals is a simple invitation into her emotions and the strength she carries now. We cant wait to see what this beauty has in store. We are glad she is empowered more then ever now. Get the empowering track here: https://song.link/s/0Em410NMTZ6CPDOtHMK46Z