Kat Hamilton releases new inspring single, ‘Medicine Line’ about her journey with trauma and addiction – Reignland

Kat Hamilton shares a raw piece of her life in her new single, ‘Medicine Line’. Her latest single is a letter detailing Hamilton’s time in a recovery center for treatment of trauma and addiction. The guitar melody makes this track seem so intimate like you as the listener is just sitting in front of her listening to her tell her story. Her vocals defiantly have power behind especially as you get to the chorus. This is such a unique song because not many artist is this honest. She is finding a way to turn her pain into a positive out for another listening.

Kat Hamilton is a west-coast singer, songwriter, and performer. Growing up in the Bay Area, the musician has hopped from city to city, leaving her mark in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Hamilton cleverly crafts an intimate blend of rock, pop, Americana and emo, establishing an entirely new genre.

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