Kaisha debuts with sultry R&B bop, ‘Shoulda Known’ – Reignland

Brighton based Malaysian born songwriter Kaisha is entering the R&B scene with her debut record, ‘Shoulda Known.’ This sultry single is filled with emotional lyrics, a catchy chorus and a rocking baseline creating a strong debut for the artist. This perfectly sets the tone for her upcoming 5-track EP. Her harmonies and crisp and the up and down tones perfectly fit her. The lyrics are so relatable as she speaks on the first part of a relationship but the actions of the other person are making it difficult. My favorite part is the distorted ending adding that dark part of R&B in there with a little mystery.

Discussing the release, Kaisha explains: 

“Shoulda Known is about the beginning of a relationship – so close to flourishing, but is being held back by the actions of the other person. It’s about how sometimes experiences are very much one-sided, and how sometimes it takes the most to make you realize that their heart’s not in it as much as yours is. To me, this track reminds me of how gullible I used to be, looking at love through rose-tinted glasses and even though I knew something wouldn’t work, I would always close one eye and hope for the best.”

I can’t wait for the EP. I am defiantly a new fan of hers. Be sure to leave your feedback below and add this to your music list.

Get the track: https://lnk.to/shouldaknown

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/kaisha4u