Kahnin Brand belongs with you in new single, ‘New Start’ – Reignland

Kahnin has released a new single about his journey titled, ‘Brand New Start.’ The track fuses old school R&B with modern day country melodies to give that nostalgia feel you love. It really feels good to the soul when hearing this kind of music in my opinion, very warm tones vocal wise and sleek production. He spoke briefly on the track, “It is a song written about struggles with alcoholism and the crushing affect it has on the loved ones that surround the addict. It’s also a song that let’s the listener know there is a light in the darkness if they choose to see it. Kahnin is the artist name for Gudmundur J Gudmundsson who is based out of Keflavik, Iceland. I love inspiring music where the artist puts its story out there to inspire purgers. You can never go wrong with that. Make sure to add this hit to your playlist.