Justin Trawick and the Common Good gets honest about the emotional effects of the pandemic in new folk offering ‘Back of the Line’ – Reignland

Justin Trawick and the Common Good are making this pandemic a little bit better with new single, ‘Back Of The Line’. This new track feels like home with its gentle guitar melodies. His vocals are so comforting and really go with the tone of this as the story goes along. The folk song is exceptional and makes you want to hear more. His ability to tell a story so perfect making you feel like you are there is what I love about this. The lyric video is simple but yet keeps you intrigued about what’s coming next.

“It wasn’t until the third month of the pandemic when I sat down and wrote ‘Back of the Line,’ a song about the feeling of being lost, being alone, being afraid, and being hopeful. I honestly think it’s one of the first times I’ve ever really written a song for me. I needed it.”, he says. I can’t wait to hear more stories from this artist. Leave your feedback below.

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