JUICYPEAR released a lovely track called “Golden Sky” – Reignland

JUICYPEAR released this lovely track called “Golden Sky”. “The story behind JUICYPEAR is, at first, it was a complete joke,” laughs Jasmine Mayeda, one half of the duo that she’s in along with her husband, Jacob. “Jacob and I were thinking of starting a band and he joked that it would be funny to write slow R&B love jams and call ourselves ‘JUICYPEAR’ because not only is it a hilarious pun—because we are a duo; we’re a ‘pair… pear’—but because he knew I would never ever go for that name. But after jokingly sharing it with our producers and friends they were like ‘WE LOVE IT!’” I love the video to this song, it’s really cute with the amazing animation especially the paper airplane flying pass. I loved the lyrics in the video also. The song itself is so special, the background vocals with the great harmony really did a fine job of supporting the lead vocals. Great project. Be sure to check this out and please write your feedback below.