Jordan Pratt released a fun and upbeat track called “Yellow Lines” – Reignland

Jordan Pratt released this great song called “Yellow Lines” He says… the Song I wrote on my cross country move from Boston back to my home state, California. I guess some of my Southern California pop-punk/emo upbringing made it through into this track! I moved after finishing up a degree in classical voice and having my firstborn baby human child named Alice. My wife and Alice flew and I made the trip with all our belongings in my beat up, old Honda Civic. Had some really cool adventures in cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Cleveland. The excitement from these cities and pursuing music in California inspired the creation of this song!

I loved the sound of this track, it would be perfect for a movie soundtrack. I’s a fun and upbeat tune that will make you want to sing along! I love the loud guitar and drums, the vocals are fantastic! It’s a really cool song. Be sure to listen to the track above and and leave your feedback below, add this great track to your playlist.