Jakb says conforming is ‘Not An Option’ anymore in new single. – Reignland

Jakb makes his statement very clear in his new single, ‘Not An Option’. The firey track is kind of a breaking free anthem. I love it. I also like the kind of old school pop feels but also the amazing rock elements that pop in and out of the song like the hard guitar melody in the background. His vocals are amazing, the range is beautiful and you can hear the power in not just the lyrics but also his tone. The thing that surprised me was the hip hop kind of undertone in the third voice that blended so well. Outstanding production and a firecracker of a track.

He says this about the track, “This track is all breaking free. Being fed up with the status quo. Being excited about the change. This is for the moment you know conforming is not an option anymore.”

The track is off of an upcoming EP, set to be released soon. “Jakb” is the solo project of Jacob Hatfield, a Los Angeles based musician and producer.

Connect: https://twitter.com/J_P_Hat