infinite vacation releases killer new single, “died in pismo” – Reignland

Infinite Vacation released a great new track called “Died in Pismo” This is a great and energized song, if you are not careful you just might get lost in it. The heavy drums and other electryfing guiitar are killer. The vocals have such emotion to them with the raw lyrics they speak. It has this indie rock and country vibe to it, creating this warm feeling of just letting go. I like how the verses lead up to an electrifying chrous for you to loose it too. I know a ton of people can relate to this.

According to thier bio,”infinite vacation” is the indie rock project of American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Emiliano Montano. Born in Fresno, Emiliano started infinite vacation in 2019 and has been making music since he was just 7 years old. Listen to this song and leave a feedback below.