Hunny Ten has released a new track called “Ring” – Reignland

Hunny Ten has released a new track called “Ring” “Ring” is the first single off of the second Hunny Ten EP “210%.” Featuring vocalist Caleb Hawley, “Ring” harks back to a time where we waited by landline telephones to hear from the ones we love. “Ring” describes those moments of anticipation waiting for the one you want to answer your call.  Hunny Ten is a funk and groove-based group located in Brooklyn, NY. Conceived of by guitarist and composer Drew Cooper, the band released their debut single “Take You Home” followed by their debut EP “110%” in the winter of 2019. Hunny Ten will release their second ep “210%” in the winter of 2020.

I find this to be some what of a cute song from back in the day. Loved the vocals, they sounded like something from the 70’s (my favorite era) and the music was good. Good song to play at a family cook-out. Be sure to listen to this great track above and leave your feedback below.