Hundreds has just released a brand new track called “Body of Water” – Reignland

‘Body of Water’ is the latest offering from electro-pop band Hundreds. The single is, according to lead singer Eva Milner, “an ode to the spirits of the water and its power”, something mirrored in its serenity as much as its lyrical sense of impending threats. There’s something quietly – even entertainingly – appropriate about the fact that Eva and Philipp Milner spent their early years growing up in Lohr Am Main, a small town in the German region of Spessart. For a good century and a half, in the period following the Thirty Years War, the area was bandit country, plagued by outlaws who robbed travellers passing through its picturesque range of wooded mountains. The Milners aren’t inclined towards such activities, of course: for starters, the brother and sister were raised by parents who both taught religion, and Eva spent time singing in the local church choir as a girl, while Phillip still leads the children’s choir in his local village. This is a good song, I liked the vocals and the drums playing together, it set the tone for a relaxing tune. The lyrics were nice too. Be sure to listen to the track above and drop your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.