Hula Hi-Fi releases breathtaking new single, ‘The Isle Of Forgotten Dreams’ – Reignland

Nashville-based duo, Hula Hi-Fi is here to share a new single titled, ‘The Isle Of Forgotten Dreams’. This single comes from the album of the same name being released on the 31st of this month. This track is filled with beautiful guitar melodies, atmospheric sounds, and soothing vocals. It has a haunting but breathtaking sound. They are perfect together.

Complemented by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra on their forthcoming debut album ‘The Isle of Forgotten Dreams’ (July 31, 2020), the duo ground their exotic, intoxicating ‘Hawaiian Noir’ sound in lyrics that are just as concerned with the emotions adrift inside of us as they are the horizon and what mysteries might hide beyond. According to theirpress release, producer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaler (Frances Cone, Butch Walker) and singer-songwriter Danica Dora (songs featured on everything from Sesame Street to Netflix dramas) took three years to create ‘The Isle of Forgotten Dreams.’ The deliberate pace of its construction allowed for every detail to be considered and every bit of heart squeezed in. I can’t wait to hear the full project. Leave your feedback below.

Connect: https://www.hulahifi.com/