Hugo Valentine just wants a little love on new single, ‘All I Want’ – Reignland

London based singer, Hugo Valentine is here to warm your heart on this Valentine’s day with his new single, ‘All I Want’. This the fourth single from the artist. The fun upbeat track is perfect for this holiday. It reminds me of some old Elton John type music. It’s would be an amazing single at a festival, I can just imagine the audience rocking back and forth to this. The first thing that hooked me was the vibrant cover art, it’s beautiful. Who’s the photographer? The track hooked me because of the beautiful vocals that feel like a summer day and the nice pop/rock instrumental that follows.

Growing up with an assorted musical upbringing, Hugo began taking piano lessons in his London home after his Grandmother bought him his first Piano. At the age of 10, Hugo was admitted into the Royal College of Music junior department and remained there for four years where he was trained in classical music and, above all, the piano.

Following the success of his recent single ‘Memories’, having streamed over 165,000 times since its release in December. Having played a number of festivals and shows with his band in 2019 including Camp Bestival, Chris Evans’ Carfest and headline shows at 229 The Venue and Paper Dress Vintage in London, Hugo is well prepared for a year packed full of all things music and is tipped for a truly successful year already, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Talking about this upcoming release, Hugo honestly and openly discusses the inspiration for ‘All I Want’: “This is the closest thing to a love song I’ve written to date, but rather than being about any one person, in particular, this song is simply a call to and for love. The lyrics harbor a slightly deeper meaning, nodding towards the loneliness among today’s youth as a result of isolation through technology and social media. Whilst we live in an age of heightened communication and technology, this ironically pushes people further apart on a human level as they tend to rely more and more on electronic connections and engagement rather than physical and human encounters – “I’m hoping for something real to find.” This often makes it harder to find ways of connecting in person. ‘All I Want’ is an understanding of this idea, which is manifested simply, as a very real and human desire for Love, in its truest form.”

I think being honest about just wanting love is a big thing because not everyone can admit it and for him to be that vulnerable is amazing. I commend him and I can’t wait to hear more.

Get the track: https://song.link/us/i/1494970006