Harry Nathan gives you a ‘Sweet Release’ in new feel good track – Reignland

Australian producer and singer/songwriter Harry Nathan wants to give every listener a sweet release with new single called ‘Sweet Release’. With the release, he also announced the release of a new EP. The track has a soulful vibe to it with a hint of late-night club vibes in there making the title the perfect fit for it. It starts off with a nature setting but goes into a late-night melody. This track will definitely take the listener to a new atmosphere of freedom to dance and vibe out.

He said this in a press release“I loved house music growing up and have always been a fan of soul and disco. When I was 14, I wanted to mix like Roger Sanchez but couldn’t afford DJ gear, so I cross-wired three stereos to practice mixing. If I needed to slow one down, I would press pause twice really quickly.

When I got a regular gig as a wedding DJ, I was stoked just to use better gear and change the pitch. We had a little wedding consortium with some DJ friends from high school, but we were all really crazy about the old-school house. When the bride and groom left, our friends would come and drink the leftover wedding booze whilst we went back to back mixing house classics.” – Harry Nathan

Stream/Listen: https://smarturl.it/sweet_release

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