Guyku speaks on his ‘Happiness’ in new single. – Reignland

Guyku is in love and we can hear it all over his new single, ‘Happiness’. The rapper and singer give a mack miller vibe on this track with his versatility of rapping and singing. According to his press release, This is a song about the love of my life. I was an immigrant child and felt alone since I was young, and meeting my love changed my world.He sounds amazing in both worlds. The chorus is light and really warms your heart. He has such soul and emotion in his voice during the singing parts of the track. While he raps, he spits so effortlessly, and it’s just so fire. The jazz mixture infused with r&B is blissful and I can’t get enough.

I can’t wait to hear more. You feeling his vibe? Leave him some feedback below.

Connect: https://twitter.com/GuykuMusic