Goldkimono makes his debut ‘To Tomorrow’ – Reignland

Goldkimono is here to make his debut for 2020 with ‘To Tomorrow’. The pop masterpiece comes with a vibrant visual that you won’t won’t want to turn away from. The track tells a laid-back story filled with punchy beat textures and wavy acoustics to keep you hopeful for days to come. His vocals are soothing but also speak volumes of hope.

Goldkimono describes his sound a lot like his clothing style, “Take a handful of sunshine and throw it into a boardwalk thrift shop, walk out with some comfy colorful pants and a Levi’sSherpa jacket and don’t turn back.”  I can’t wait to see where he will go with his new career. This was a strong debut and I can’t wait to

Get the track: spotify.com