Gold Crwn Magazine changes its name to ’Reignland Magazine’ – Reignland

Chesapeake VA May 5th, 2019 – Gold Crwn Magazine has announced a name change for its publication via social media today. The publications new name is ’Reignland Magazine’. The name change comes a week after the publications 37th issue was released.

The editor in chief, Ella Audrey Rae has this to say about the name change ’The name Reignland has been stuck in my head since my teen years but I honestly didn’t know where it fit. The name Gold Crwn was the beginning of what Reignland is going to be. Reignland stands for self empowerment. The publication has always celebrated creators who reign over their craft and with this new branding we will continue to do so, better.”

The name change will take affect starting today on all social media handles, emails and urls. Previous issues will still keep the same Gold Crwn branding and still be available. Issue 39 will become the first issue with the new branding.

Follow the brand www.reignland.co www.instagram.com/reignlandmag www.twitter.com/reignlandmag


About Reignland Magazine
Reignland Magazine, formally known as Gold Crwn Magazine, is an online and print publication that celebrates creators that reign over their craft. The publication was started in 2012 by web designer and journalist, Ella Audrey Rae and is on its 38th issue.