Gina Brooklyn releases moody new single ‘Hey, Man!’ – Reignland

Gina Brooklyn really puts her all into her newest offering, ‘Hey Man’. Her vocals and the melody remind me of a Lorde record a little, dark but addictive. I love the unqiue texture of her voice and the mood it creates everytime you hear it. She wanted to try something new with this one she shared, “I really loved the idea of creating something so fun and harsh- and out came this song! I wrote this song from the perspective of God; Though this song isn’t explicitly a “Christian” song, which I also did on purpose, the meaning behind it remains true to the basic ideas of what it means to be human in the context OF Christianity. “

She continued, ‘It’s basically about “man” (being a fallen human), choosing sin & evil over God, and through it all, God continues to offer help and guidance even though it’s continuously rejected. Overall it’s quite deep, but I wrote it in a way where everyone would be able to listen and take what they want from it!” I can’t wait to see the video!

Contact: twitter.com/ginabrooklynn facebook.com/ginabrooklynnmusic instagram.com/ginabrooklynn 

Get the track: https://ginabrooklyn.lnk.to/heyman