Fernando Marri releases new single ‘Darling’ – Reignland

Brazilian singer/songwriter Fernando Marri released his new single ‘Darling’ and we can not stop playing it. “Darling” is the first single from his debut album releasing November 15th. The single features modern guitar licks and smooth vocals. It’s such a  beautiful love song.

According to Fernando this song is inspired by ‘the style of songwriting in 1970’s and the idea was to bring different instruments that used to be part of pop music a lot more in the past back to new records. Straight forward love lyrics and a simple message of wanting to love and take care of someone who’s been mistreated in the past”.

When not doing music, he runs a successful food truck (featured on Food Network with Guy Fieri and named as one of the 20 best restaurants in America).

Get the single here.