Fairhazel will never forget you in new single, ‘God Speed Helena’ – Reignland

Fairhazel shares new single titled, ‘God Speed Helena’. The track has such a nostalgic feeling to it with it’s distorted vocals and soothing guitar plucks that instantly hook you in. His vocals have this soothing but haunting sound to them as he ever so slightly sings each lyric as if each line has it own time to shine. The retro overall vibe this song has is amazing, its almost but not quite clean production really keeps it’s vintage sound.

“Have you ever seen any of Charlie Kaufman’s movies (Eternal Sunshine etc)? God Speed Helena was written as an ode to him, and how his stories are absurd, meaningful, beautiful and horrific all at the same time. This song is about a man, David, leaving home in Paris, Texas in his family’s car, without their permission, to go out there, see what there is to see and make music. David is writing the chorus to this song on the road, so the song is writing itself as it goes along.”, he explains.

This new single will be followed by a full-length album out later this fall.