Fai debuts with much-anticipated single ,’Comet’ – Reignland

Been waiting for Fai to release music? No longer will you wait because it’s here. ‘Comet’ is the debut of artist, Fai and features lush vocals above the dreamy guitar melody. She mixes pop, folk and country with a dash of melancholy to create her own lane. This debut is beautiful with it’s simplicity that really allows Fai to showcase her addictive vocals.

Speaking on the track she says, “With “Comet,” I had ventured into an area that was very familiar to me as a listener but very new as a songwriter, and that was writing a love song. Anyone who knows me well knows that i pride myself in being the curator of the saddest romance playlists known to man. That being said, I had a vision of love as something that was synonymous with heartbreak, and because of that, I generally find it hard to write about love in a happy, positive way. With Comet, I remember waking up on a day in November, listening to all the acoustic songs I could find and just magically landing on the chorus. I see pictures in my head when I write, and for this project it was no different. I basically got the picture of this couple dancing at an outdoor wedding, underneath a bunch of fairy lights, and the whole song came to life in around 30 minutes. I pictured the entire journey of their romance, from the main “character” first spotting their object of affection, to then ending at the first dance at their wedding. It basically embodies the feelings of a fresh and budding romance and all the passion one may feel when they’re completely smitten.”

She continued, “The feelings of sheer amazement, of being overwhelmed, and finding a part of the person you’re admiring everywhere and anywhere. I wanted to capture that feeling of a childlike admiration that you experience when you love someone correctly. It isn’t a feeling that is paired with anxiety but is more of a relief. I knew that by how quickly it came together, it was a song I needed to turn into a single, just based on the images it painted in my head. I contacted a reputable producer out here, Jacob Moumjian, who has done some other songs with me, because his work is pristine in terms of how he perfects every second of a project he’s part of. We had a couple of days of tracking instruments and vocals, but it felt like something was still missing. It was at that point that I contacted a great friend and musician, Omar Salem, and asked him if he would want to play some mini guitar sections to help fill out the song. He blew us all away in true Omar style and we ended up with what I think is a great love song. I just want all my friends to get married now so I can force them to make it their “first dance” song at their wedding.”

This song is unforgettable and has such amazing lyrics of strong feelings that we all have once felt for someone. This debut is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see where she goes on this new journey, where every she goes, I’ll be right there buying all of her music and merch. ha ha Add your feedback below and let the artist know how you feel.

Connect: https://fai-music.com/