EVENT REVIEW: Rapper PlvXid throws first listening party for debut album, EA$TSIDE in VA. – Reignland

In my spare time, I do other creative things aside from the magazine. One of those things is being the PR for a local rapper and producer named Plvxid or Placid. Over the weekend, I got the chance to experience his first listening party to promote his debut album, EAST$IDE. The album is set to be released on September 12th via all major streaming services. The listening party, also known as The EAST$IDE Workshop, was an experience like no other. The workshop, held at the legendary Radio Ready Studios in Norfolk, started off with artist apart of the album getting free studio time to apply their verses. It also allowed invitees to be apart of the album in skits, hooks and more After all the finishing touches we’re placed, everyone gathered into the big room that sits in the front of the building and took in the introduction of Plvxid as a whole.

Eric James Eric James

As I looked around, heads were bobbing, and facial expressions told a story. I realized that this was his time and everyone knew it as well. PlvXid had been my best friend inc the 7th grade. I watched him go through many different stages as a person and a music artist. He had many to doubt him, but he never let those doubters steer I’m away from the greatness he knew he had within himself. Throughout this journey, he remained humble and focused. By the end of the night, listeners wanted the album to drop immediately. “A month?” meany asked in sadness. “The new month is tomorrow,” he said to reassure his new and old fans that were lucky enough to attend the party that the wait wasn’t going to be long. I couldn’t be more proud of his journey and this project then I am at this moment. I can’t wait for the world to hear his voice and his creative ability. He will be great, and everyone will know it. The debut album will drop on September 12th on all digital streaming platforms. The album will also be accompanied by exclusive merch. Save your money. You’ll be entering the East$ide soon.