Erica Dawkins gets soulful new track called “Contradictions” – Reignland

Atlanta based emerging singer-songwriter, Erica Dawkins has released a fantastic new track called “Contradictions” Erica formerly known as E., is an Atlanta based emerging singer-songwriter, who is pioneering a new alternative R&B sound inspired by Neo-Soul, alternative rock, and jazz music. A slow intro that set the mood was just the right thing for this track to keep my attention…the bass tone added a great vibe to this awesome neo soul piece. The vocals are wonderful and hold steady the beat that I always appreciate in a great song.

According to her bio, Erica gained a passion for performing arts by singing and dancing in church. After her family moved to Atlanta, she began taking dance seriously. After high school, she put her career on hold when she married her high school boyfriend and moved to California. After working different jobs, and being a devoted wife, she soon realized it was not what she hoped for and not where she wanted her life to be.

Erica often sings about pain, heartache, and the journey of finding herself after being married at a young age. Essentially her message is being “Young, Dumb, and Figuring it out.” while understanding, not every decision we make in life is perfect, but we always have a chance to get things right as long as we are alive. “Everything that happened to me was just fuel for my art—for my lyrics. It gave me something to sing about, which is what I know I was supposed to be doing all along. I’ve grown so much in the past year and some months. Now I can put the lessons I’ve learned in life into my music.”Be sure to enjoy this and leave your feedback below.

Connect: https://www.instagram.com/ericadawkins/