Emma Noble released this new track called “Woman Of The World” – Reignland

Emma Noble released an amàziñg new track called “Woman of the World”

Singer, Songwriter & DJ. Emma Noble’s sound is rooted in and influenced by her deep love for rare 60s/70s soul , funk and disco.

After spending a couple of years as a backing vocalist for the band New Street Adventure (Acid Jazz Records), Noble went on to write and sing with Lack Of Afro (Freestyle / LOA Records), including ‘Fire Glow’ which was featured on ‘BBC 6 Music’s Album Of The Year 2017’, nominated album ‘Hello Baby’. Absolutely amazing! I love this song! The guitar has captivated me! The vocals are so beàutiful and the music, the flute and horns all spectacular! Be sure to listen and enjoy then please share your feedback below. Add this to your playlist today!