Elijah Sisk is hooked on you in new indie-pop single, ‘That’s Why’ – Reignland

Texas-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Elijah Sisk is hooked on you in his new single, ‘That’s Why’. The track has an addictive guitar and a pounding baseline that hooks you in. I love his voice, it’s so chill and vibrant. This track seems so fun and upbeat when you hear it. This is defiently a top 20 smash pop anthem.

Speaking about his latest offering, Elijah said, “This song is about an internal conflict of wanting someone and loving them but being scared to commit. I think a lot of people have probably felt scared to go all in with someone or scared to get their heart broken. It’s really about being afraid to feel feelings. Cha Feel?”

Elijah has been creating music since he was just a wee one, but began to really produce and record his work in 2018, releasing his first single ‘One More Time’ in 2020 and racking up over 30,000 streams in the first two weeks. He is also scheduled to graduate from Austin College in 2023 with a degree in music, philosophy, politics, and economics. I can’t wait to see where this takes him.