Eixo releases new inspiring single, ‘Survive’ with rapper Boogie. – Reignland

Eixo has called on Boogie to help release his new single, ‘Survive.’ The track has a mysterious feeling to it when it comes on. It then leads into a powerful chorus with a high powered melody and lyrics to go along with it. The soft vocals are perfect for this. The inspiring rap lyrics really add some flavor to this pop record.

Speaking on his friend’s experiences, she says “This song grew out the experiences of a close friend who spent six years in prison. He spent long stretches of time in solitary confinement, and many of the lyrics come from actual conversations we had with each other. Releasing Survive now feels appropriate, with so many people struggling from loneliness and anxiety. Still, we need to hold on to hope and find ways to survive.” It’s such an inspirational project all around and the production is phenomenal. Be sure to leave your reaction below and maybe add some feedback.

Get the track: spotify.com, apple.com

Connect: https://eixo.band/