Dude Cervantes releases debut heartwarming new single, ‘Always Be In Love’ – Reignland

Dude Cervantes is crazy in love in his debut single, ‘Always Be In Love.’ The vintage country track is beautiful all the way around. His vocals just sound so sweet and warm as they gentle glide along with the beautiful country sound that is the instrumental. That guitar really hooks you in, making you feel right at home. It is his debut release for the Blind Owl label.

According to his press release, this particular record finds him at his most intimate and vulnerable. At times he’s a bleeding heart, a muttering mad man and at others a wise sage slowly unraveling the silver lining to find inner peace.

He spoke on what the song meant to him, ‘ “Always Be In Love” is a song that celebrates the love he shared with his ex even though they were no longer together. It’s an ode to love had and love lost while withholding the bitterness and anger that comes from the heartache. A state that accepts gratitude for the time spent together while bidding farewell. Cervantes states: “I felt lost in this situation because love is not always why a relationship can exist or should exist. “Sometimes you love the wrong things and you have to learn to let them go. Musicians I have played with, bands I’ve been in, women I’ve been with, you will always have a love for them but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you.”

Recorded by Cervantes on a Tascam 388 and later mixed by Jordan Andreen (Lukas Nelson, Karl Denson, The Damned), All By Myself is by all standards a lo-fi classic.

Dude Cervantes, is a musician known as the guitarist in Howlin Rain, Creature and The Woods, principal singer and songwriter of Mrs. Henry and the owner of the record label Blind Owl. Cervantes has toured extensively both in the US and Europe and has written, recorded, produced and released a slew of music.