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Mulan Live Action is finally here! Well… kind of. Disney Plus will have the movie available for subscribers for the small fee of $30 (at least until December when it’s said to be included in the subscription). Is it outrageous? Yes. Am I still going to watch it? Absolutely! Needless to say, many people are upset by the price of the remake however, the discontentment doesn’t stop there. If you’re a fan of TikTok, you’ve most likely seen many people upset about the lack of diversity behind the scenes.

Yes, this new Mulan dogged the ScarJo, Matt Damon, white people playing roles not meant for them bullet, but in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, people are more than prepared to call Disney out for its lack of flavor behind the camera. From the director to the writers and even the costume designer Disney’s Live-Action Mulanlacks anyone of Asian descent. So how accurate can the film be? Aren’t there bound to be some mistakes, most likely some offensive ones? And more importantly, how will Disney change going forward? The people have spoken and they won’t ask again before#cancelDisney is trending on all platforms.

Representation is important, so many people of color grow up either not seeing themselves in their favorite shows and movies or seeing an ill-written stereotypical character. It’s great that we’re finally getting some representation in front of the camera but by not hiring writers and directors that share in the same ethnicity or cultural upbringing as the stories they tell, we are essentially silencing people of color, only allowing them to speak if their voice mimics that of a white person. This is no small snafu, this a problem that leads to the insecurity and identity crisis of many people of color in America. People of color are not puppets. Their stories deserve to be told from their own mouths.