Denmark’s Katlah impresses with her sassy directness on debut single “Stupid Boi” – Reignland

Katlah is making her pop debut with a new single “Stupid Boi” accompanied by a fun colorful video. Within the video, you become apart of a bubbly and pink filled universe with awesome effects and beautiful pop vocals.

On the debut single, Katlah says: I’ve had so much fun with the creation of “Stupid Boi”. All of my lyrics revolve around my personal life and I found it very thrilling to capture the theme and the mood of this song. I love diving into my sassy and superior self in both my music and my visual art.

Katlah is the alter ego of artist Katrine Brixen who’s currently studying electronic music and sound art at the music conservatory. She’s both the singer, songwriter and producer of the music and also created the video for “Stupid Boi” herself.

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