Dante Mazzetti releases “Breaking in the Sun” track – Reignland

Much of what Dante Mazzetti does is storytelling. “Breaking in the Sun (Live)” is no exception to that. It tells the story of a man who has come home from prison to find that he has lost his family. He has been replaced as husband and father. He has no connection to the life he once had and loved. Mazzetti says, “It’s like staring through a window at something you want but can’t have. Something you can no longer hold. He sees the beautiful life he could have had, but through mistakes, he has become lost.” This song explores his emotions surrounding that realization. The refrain, “I am too small for you,” suggests the power of a life one doesn’t fit into anymore. The track consist of a acoustic and soft melody with raw vocals that we all love.

Inspiration for the lyrics came from the many fathers Mazzetti knows who are disconnected from their children. Mazzetti says, “Each story is different, but the pain of not being able to be a part of their child’s life is the same. It’s something you don’t hear about often, but so many men are in a similar situation. Maybe they haven’t been locked away in a physical prison, but they are heartbroken about their reality. I used this particular story of a man returning from prison as a way to illustrate an extreme separation and distance that could be easily understood.”

Mazzetti explains, “People usually fall apart in the rain, but I titled this song “Breaking in the Sun.” I liked the idea of falling apart in the sun because of its strength and ability to warm you and hold you up. This man sitting in the sun with his new found freedom feels trapped, small and cold. He wants what he once perceived as suffocating because of its normality. But now it’s gone and it has broken him.”

Named one of the “ Top 20 Prospects – 2019” by Music Connection Magazine, Dante Mazzetti delivers a unique brand of Americana blues. He is known for his expressive vocals and multi-instrumental style. Described as a “standout songwriter” (New Music Weekly), “multi-talented musician” (The Independent) and “a marksman of both vocal skill and finger-plucking” (B-Sides and Badlands), Mazzetti is rooted in tradition yet fearlessly creative. As a multi-instrumentalist, Mazzetti plays most of the instruments on his albums. During his live performances he switches instruments throughout the show in addition to playing a number of instruments simultaneously.

Contact: https://dantemazzetti.com/home