D.E.L has some feelings for you in new track, “Rain” – Reignland

“Rain” is the lead single of their new EP and consist of a smooth melody with soft synths and beautiful vocals.. They said this about the track, “We feel that love is the one thing in life that we all need and its sometimes has us on a constant search for it, Rain is about finding that love but relying on it to make you happy and believing that without their happiness its impossible for your own.”

The music of del is kaleidoscopic, a mirror for post milennial angst, a jittering of uncertainty, emotion and nail biting electronic soundscapes that bend between reality and imagination. Inspired by Japanese anime and the juxtaposition of cultural ideas, art and music, del is bent on producing content that inspires thought and provokes listeners to consider their taunt emotional states. With their future beats and melismic vocals, the pair, led by producer Timothy de la Hoyde, have in only a short space of time crafted a project that bends genres and is a perfect testament to how millennials feel everything and fear nothing.

Get the track here: https://song.link/s/2toWpVxbiPNScNXqgPBFUc