cutsleeve released a great new track called “durian eyes” – Reignland

Cutsleeve released a great new track called “Durian Eyes” durian eyes” is about navigating our racialized identity as queer East Asians in what is currently known as ‘Canada”. Often people have certain expectations and associations when it comes to being East Asian, and we are stuck in this liminal space of not being enough or trying to hold onto what we have in our cultural identities without being stereotyped and fetishized. I really liked the video, practicing social distancing and being creative has to be a challenge. I thank you for going through the hardship to bring us great music. The song is really good and the music is perfect. The vocals are energetic and fun! All the instruments were played beautifully! Be sure to enjoy this song then please leave your feedback below. Add it to your playlist today.