Couchsleepers has released a brand new track called “Half the Night” – Reignland

Couchsleepers released a truth-telling track called “Half the Night” I found it a wonderful voice of how many feel but never say these things. A very open and honest truth. The drums, keyboard, the guitar was ever so beautiful as it complimented the fine vocals and background harmony. Couchsleepers speak on the inspiration behind the track, “Half the Night” is late-night anxiety, a drama that unfolds in hypnagogic fantasy. I wanted to articulate the kind of tenuous frame-of-mind that can be toppled with a few innocent words or saved by a murmur. The beginnings of “Half the Night” found their way into my brain exactly as the song tells it — caught under a bramble of string lights, watching the rise and fall of my partner’s shoulders as she slept, that insidious feeling in the back of my mind. “What’s going on in that head of yours, darling? Why do I feel like there’s something wrong?”

Be sure to take a listen to this work of art and please leave your feedback below. Add this to your playlist.

Get the track: soundcloud.com, music.apple.com, deezer.com

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